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Tips for banishing your workforce’s holiday blues

It’s not uncommon to succumb to the post-holiday blues, with many people finding it difficult to get back into the daily grind after a blissful break away. In fact 57% of Brits feel depressed or deflated when coming home*. Employers often notice a lack of enthusiasm and productiveness from staff after they have been away from the workplace for a long period of time and haven’t got any more holiday booked for a while, however it’s down to employers to help boost morale and motivate their workforce.

Arrange some ‘me’ time for employees

Holidays can be a great break from routine, and an opportunity to have space and time to think. Employers that replicate this in the office environment can increase productivity and creativity amongst employees. Psychologists have documented that ‘me time’ helps to reboot our brains, improve concentration and allows time for deep thinking – all of which is beneficial to the workplace. Offering a regular workplace massage can help to decrease anxiety and depression, and give employees some time to themselves which can help them adjust back into routine. It also gives them something nice to look forward to in-between holidays.

Catch-up with colleagues

It can be daunting going back into work, especially if employees will face hundreds of emails. Encourage line managers to schedule an informal catch-up the morning they are due back in the office – not only will this help the person acclimatise, they can also get a feel for what’s happened whilst they’ve been away without being confronted by a monster inbox.

Encourage regular exercise

It’s well documented that exercise releases endorphins and helps to reduce anxiety. With this in mind, employers should think about setting up a weekly lunchtime walking group for employees. It’s a great way to encourage your workforce to spend some time away from their desks and enjoy exercise with colleagues, it will also help those coming back from annual leave to beat the post holiday blues.

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