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The first Friday every October marks World Smile Day. A day when we can celebrate the universal language of the smile and focus our attention on doing good and helping others to smile and be happy.

As corporate wellbeing therapists, we are experts in spreading wellness and joy in the workplace, so here we share our top tips on how managers can keep their employees smiling.


As humans, we inherently crave appreciation and recognition – we thrive on reward. If staff are celebrated, awarded and recognised for their achievements they feel appreciated.

Try devoting time every week to singing some praise in the office, sharing success stories, saying thank you and buying a round of beers!


Without happy employees your business cannot thrive. Your employees are important individuals with interests, social lives and families and it is crucial that they have a work / life balance.

Try exploring the possibilities of factoring in some flexible working hours that suit them and you, by offering a designated amount of home-working hours.


Our staff are often spending long periods of their day being quite sedentary and are under ever-increasing pressure. We wouldn’t use our phone for 8+ hours without charging the battery, so we shouldn’t do this to our workforce.

Try factoring in some corporate yoga, meditation or massage.

This kind of wellbeing exercise not only helps reduce fatigue, stress, aches and pains but it also shows your employees that you care.


There is nothing like good, old-fashioned fun to make people smile.

Try dedicating a Thursday afternoon to putting down tools and enjoying yourselves as a team. There are classes and workshops for the more reserved, right through to dancing and karaoke for those who really like to be outrageous. Whatever your tastes, London has so much to offer – just make sure you are away from the office and enjoying yourselves.

To learn more about our professional corporate massage and wellbeing services, get in touch via email: or call 020 7129 7310.

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