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The benefits of taking a break during the working day

In many work cultures, employees that work around the clock are often perceived as the ones who are dedicated and sustain good performance. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Regular breaks throughout the day have shown to increase productivity and creativity, and restore energy.

Research shows that the top 10% of productive employees tend to work on average of 52 minutes before they take a break. Even a 30 second microbreak can increase productivity by 13%, or a 15 second break from staring at your computer screen every ten minutes can reduce fatigue 50%!

Here at Moaning Cow Massage, we understand the importance of taking breaks in the workplace, for both employees and employers. Which is why we’ve created a list of our top five reasons to take a break at work:

Practise a dose of mindfulness: enjoying some quiet time, whether it’s meditation or massage, can really help employees to go back to their desk feeling energised, refreshed and ready to start working again.

Improve your physical and emotional health: worryingly, a third of UK employees never leave their workplace after they arrive in the morning. Breaks that involve movement, whether it’s a gentle walk or light exercise, lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Just a 5-minute walk every hour can improve your health and well-being

Increase productivity and creativity: research shows that taking regular breaks replenishes mental energy. Time away from your desk helps to refresh the brain and come back to your desk with a clearer mind which is going to be more likely to solve a problem rationally and effectively.

Restore motivation and lower stress: challenging tasks that require complete concentration can benefit from regular breaks. Research shows that briefly taking our minds off the goal can renew and strengthen motivation later on.

Reduce injury: whether you work at a desk all day or have more manual job, allowing the body to rest is important. Taking a break can help you reduce the effects of repetitive strain injury, or more physical demands on the body that are associated with heavy lifting, carrying or bending. Workers who have an opportunity to rest can reduce injury.

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