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Spring is finally here and it’s a great time to readdress your workplace wellbeing strategy and look at ways to boost morale in the office after winter.

Winter often takes it’s toll on our physical and mental wellbeing as we trade exercise and vitamin D for Netflix binges and mince pies. Whilst this seems a natural response to the cold of winter – it often leads to much worse mental and physical illness. With this in mind, we must consider how winter affects employees, saddled with extra workloads and darker days.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE.GOV.UK), there were 25.7 million days lost in 2016/17 to work-related ill health and the people suffering took on average 23.8 days for stress, depression or anxiety and 17.6 days for musculoskeletal disorders. This is costing employers thousands of pounds each year and highlights the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.

With spring now upon us there is no better time to spring clean our workplace – making sure we are providing a great place to work in. We have put together five ways in which you can breathe life back into the office:

Bringing plants and greenery into the office space


As cited in Psychology Today, potted plants have proved beneficial in offices, schools and hospitals as they can improve wellbeing and attendance; raise productivity; reduce levels of anxiety; lower blood pressure and increase job satisfaction.
Bringing some greenery into the office is a great way to help staff feel more relaxed at work – providing a pleasant environment to spend time in.

Pet-friendly offices

Purina Pet Care conducted a survey to find out what employees thought about pet- friendly workplaces. 40% of those with office pets thought that ii enhanced work-​life balance; 45% cited that it creates a more relaxed atmosphere and 50% of employees without a pet at work thought it would be a benefit.
Studies also show that having an office pet can help us to perform better; be more engaged and inspired; feel less stressed and improves our wellbeing. Say no more, right?

Healthy snacks away from the desk

Encourage staff to take a break and refuel. If staff are not skipping lunch altogether, they are often eating it at their desks – whilst working! Encourage employees to take a break from their desk by providing a relaxing space to unwind, meet with colleagues and eat healthily. Providing a selection of fresh fruit and snacks is a great way to help them refuel and show them that you care about their wellbeing.

Provide regular wellbeing treatments or classes

Corporate massage and wellbeing initiatives provide staff with much-needed (and wanted!) time, support and help to relax and take care of themselves.
With millions of working days lost each year to workplace stress, anxiety, depression and musculoskeletal problems; providing services such as workplace massage, mindfulness, meditation and yoga will not only directly improve their wellbeing but it will also underpin a company-wide approach to self-care for all.

Have some fun

In London we have a huge choice of ideas for corporate days out, right at our fingertips. Event organisers such as Chilli Sauce offer fully-immersive days out with offerings such as crime scene experiences, escape rooms and bodyguard experiences – right through to relaxed Dim Sum and cocktail materclasses.
The options are endless as are the benefits – having fun as a team, away from work allows employees to build friendships, nurture relationships and grow networks of support.​

To hear more about our corporate massage and wellbeing services, email the team now at or call 020 7129 7310.

Photos by Unsplash

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