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Our lives seem to be surrounded in a constant hubbub of background noise. From traffic to phone noise, conversation to clattering about, how many times are we guilty of saying, “I would just love a bit of peace and quiet”?

But sound can have a really positive effect on us; it’s why we usually play soothing background music when we provide massages and why, when it comes to relaxation people often respond better to tones and vibrations. It’s for this reason that sound therapy can be incredibly effective and one of the latest experiences to emerge is sound bathing.

Sound bathing invites attendees to sit or lay in a comfortable position and uses different instruments including gongs and finger drums to create calming noises. Participants simply let the sound waves wash over them. The instruments’ vibrations help your brain to become relaxed, making it easier to enter a deep state of meditation.

Reported to clear the mind, calm the nervous system and help meditators attain a state of physical and mental balance – the benefits are plentiful. As a therapy, it may not sound as intense as something more physical such as a yoga session or deep tissue massage; however, the response can be just as powerful.

Many leave feeling incredibly calm, slightly disorientated and even exhausted but usually with a feeling of zen that can last up to a week after the session. It is also common for the experience to evoke an emotional response, as participants shed their inhibitions and open up to expose vulnerabilities.

While these sessions tend to be guided by an experienced instructor, it is also possible to explore the benefits of sound therapy at home. There are a number of YouTube tutorials available as well as some dedicated Spotify soundtracks that can help recreate the same feelings of tranquillity at home.

If you have never tried or succeeded at meditating before, sound bathing can offer a passage in to help you achieve a state of relaxation. Or, if you regularly practice, it can unlock a deeper level and help you to clear your mind quicker.

For sceptics, just think of this as the same as laying down and listening to mellow music to unwind, you will still relieve yourself of stress and may even surprise yourself with the results.

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