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We get an extra hour of daylight to play with, the weather is warming up (supposedly) and the scent of fresh grass and spring flowers fills the air. However, if you still feel your energy levels are low and your motivation is lacking, we can help!

Staying mentally and physically well is key to our day-to-day performance, our relationships and our general zest for life. As part of our complete corporate wellbeing package, we work with businesses that are looking to help employees improve their mental and physical wellbeing and give them the tools they need to unwind and lead happy and healthy lives.

So if you feel stuck in a rut here are our favourite ways to re-energise and put the spring back into your step.

Start with a stretch

While most of us view this as a morning or post workout activity, stretching can instantly boost your energy levels and help you to refocus at any point during the day. Whether you have spent a long period curled over your laptop, come out of a meeting, finished lunch or been on a long car journey, stretching can help you to take a break, get the blood flowing around your body and boost your energy levels.

Try this simple routine:

Start by standing tall and taking five deep breaths. Raise your arms and reach your fingertips as high as you can and then lowering your arms to your side. Follow this with some shoulder rotations, shrugging your shoulders up towards your ears and then dropping them back down, allowing your shoulder blades to melt down your back. Twist from your waist, turning from side to side while keeping your hips facing forwards. Push your heel into the ground and point your toes to the sky to stretch your calf and hamstring and then repeat on the other leg. Then rotate each of your ankles to improve your circulation. Simple!

Visualise happiness

If you feel like you are simply going through life’s motions and your week feels like Groundhog Day, build a picture of what success and happiness means to you and combine with goal setting.

Imagine what happiness looks like to you – whether it is travelling, career, family, owning a home or experiencing something, it helps you to understand what you truly want. Then write it down. Once it is on paper, you can set out the steps it will take to reach what you want, which will help you start. Then, whenever you meet a bump along the road – a challenge, a set back or a change in circumstance, visualise that happiness. It is important to go back to that image, as it may change as time passes.

Notice the here and now

Mindfulness is vital to ensure you make the most of each day and helps you to appreciate the little things in life. There are a number of ways to help you to focus ranging from yogic breathing, massage or an activity to engage your hands and brain such as colouring or completing Sudoku. These activities all help you to practice mindfulness and put life’s irritation into perspective.

If you have never tried meditation before, it can be a very powerful and relaxing tool. Once mastered, meditation can help you to relax in any situation but it can also give your brain a chance to process and also help you to plan your next action. We have reviewed a few of the most popular meditation apps to help you understand what is on offer but there are plenty of guided practices available through YouTube if you want to see what the hype is.

Photo by Unsplash

If you want to talk to us about the yoga, meditation and massage sessions we offer to businesses, please get in touch via or 020 7129 7310.

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