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December always arrives in a flurry of frantic excitement. Prepare for everyone’s diaries to be fully booked with countless social occasions, school productions, carol services and family engagements as well as….. the office Christmas party.


However, there is a growing trend for employers to move away from the traditional boozy, three-course turkey menu at a local venue and organise a slightly different experience for their colleagues.


With a focus on colleagues overall happiness at work and home, many employers are looking to reflect their wellbeing strategy into their festive celebrations. Here are some ideas for some alternative, slightly more zen for your office’s celebrations.

In office pamper session

Organise a massage therapy session for your workplace to truly treat your colleagues to a complete moment of calm amongst the Christmas chaos.


There are many options for the types of massage available and these can be done in spas, or, if you’re tight on time, or have left it a bit late to book, we can come to you and give massages in your place of work. We have found this is a really effective solution for offices that have lots of deadlines to meet before 25th December and can really boost employees’ moods and productivity.

Make the dinner

Consider choosing a more interactive experience and give employees an opportunity to be more hands on, learn new skills and work together with colleagues. For many, cooking can be relaxing and methodical but also enables people to completely focus on the task in hand. For people who feel completely out of their depth in the kitchen and find cooking stressful, it gives them the chance to try something new and learn a new dish.


There are a number of cookery experiences on offer, which can be tailored to suit the number in your team as well as any dietary requirements and choices.

Get active

Encourage your team to take part in a physical activity. As Christmas is a time for indulgence, many will appreciate the opportunity to move about and burn off a few extra calories. An activity such as Pilates is great for all fitness abilities as the moves can be adapted to suit everyone from first-timers to those who are more experienced on the map.


Exercise also boosts endorphins, productivity and can counteract back neck and shoulder pain, which can be common among desk-bound workers.

We still have availability for Christmas wellbeing packages, including massage therapy, so get in touch if you are interested. 


Email or call 020 7129 7310.

Photos by Ben Konfrst, Hans Vivek and rawpixel on Unsplash

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